HERMA 7161 : 德國豪瑪牌三英寸厚兩窿雙面印刷快勞. 德國塗鴉大師Open Mike設計, "KING"。



HERMA 7161 Now it makes twice as much fun to keep order! The trendy folders are more than just secure archive of important documents A4. They are the combination of practical benefits with emotion and style - real jewels for each shelf. High-quality appearance: Printed over the whole area, inside and outside Wide A4 file (spine width 70 mm), made of sturdy cardboard With thumb hole and lever arch mechanism (including compressor bar) Open Mike had been a graffiti artist since 1993 and am successfully offering graffiti workshops and projects for every age group at www.mikesworkshops.de. In addition, as a graffiti coach, Open Mike had now created the opportunity to learn graffiti online step by step. Under the pseudonym Graffiti Coach he upload videos about the topics of graffiti community / graffiti drawing and graffiti spraying three times a week. He got in-depth knowledge in the areas of graffiti material / graffiti technology and graffiti skill in video format. Made in Germany