HERMA 7001: 德國豪瑪牌自動黏貼光面透明PP裱圖膠 40cm x 1M



HERMA 7001 德國豪瑪牌自動黏貼光面透明PP裱圖膠 長度 : 40cm x 1M 防水, 防撕. 底紙印有藍色格仔, 方便切割. 德國制造. Self-adhesive polypropylene film in archive quality. For covering books, road maps, shelves, etc. Lattice lines on the backing allow exact and thus economical cutting. Ref. no. 7001 Format 1m x 40cm Colour uncoloured Material Polypropylene (PP) Version self-adhesive Additional features glossy