DURABLE 2200 : 德國杜拉寶DURACLIP 鋼夾文件夾 ORIGINAL 30





德國DURABLE牌DURACLIP®鋼夾文件夾 ( 可夾1-30張紙 ) 德國制造. DURACLIP® 30 A4 The original DURACLIP file made of PVC plastic with a special sprung steel clip. Ideal for presentations, filing, quotations, conference / seminar notes and reports. The DURACLIP 30 folder has a capacity of 30 A4 sheets, a transparent front coverr and coloured back and spine. A full range of additional accessorie are available. Cover imprints, such as company logos, transform DURACLIP into a unique advertising facility. DURACLIP can also be supplied in special colours. The DURACLIP® system: Pull out the clip, insert the documents and push back the clip - simple! The unique sprung steel clip adjusts itself to the number of sheets - time after time.